Living in a small community has its benefits, but sometimes finding products and services can mean a trip to another town. At times, it seems the best solution is to travel to a large city, knowing what you're looking for will be there somewhere, if you just keep looking. A few weeks or perhaps a few months later, you find out the same products or services were available in a nearby town.

The internet is a primary source of information today, and any business large or small can market themselves to virtually anyone in the world that is connected. By having exposure on the internet, a business can market their goods and services to customers who prefer to stay closer to home.

InTown Web exists to link smaller communities together by creating an internet presence for the businesses and organizations located in them. Our goal is to create a web of local businesses in small communities, giving local merchants the exposure they need to survive in today's economy, and giving potential customers an efficient way to locate products and services closer to home.